Run-in period is a lot of new car owners are more concerned about the first three thousand kilometers of a car running well, the overall life of the car and the situation is better than running a lot of good car. Some owners believe that the run-in period fuel consumption is relatively high, because there is this concept in the former, for the run-off high fuel consumption is not too concerned about the hope that after the run-in period just fine.
This view is wrong, in fact, should be concerned about the run-in period of fuel consumption, because in accordance with the normal running rhythm, the most fuel-efficient way of driving is generally the best way to run. Such as no emergency braking, no hurry to speed up, these are the basic rules of green driving, but also GT2871 turbocharger the run-in period of driving requirements. From the run-in period to raise a good driving habits, naturally, after the fuel consumption will continue to go low. If you feel that the run-in period had high fuel consumption, do not care, one is not conducive to the vehicle running, the second is to develop bad driving habits, after the fuel consumption is not down.
Indeed, after the run-in period will indeed decline in fuel consumption, but do not expect too high, generally can reduce the 3 to 5% on the good, the best way is to run into a good driving habits.
How to drive during the run-in fuel?
1. In the use of the engine speed can not be too high. The general speed of not more than 3000 rpm, if it is not more than 3,000 automatic transmission
After the new car running period, the fuel consumption will decline?
2. Can not keep a stall for a long time or a long time low-speed driving. All the cars in the low-speed driving, the actual burden than the speed of driving to large, so the run-in period should not be long-term at 60 km per hour run-in. We must gradually increase the speed. At the same time, if you have been running at 80 km Turbocharger per hour after the run-in period, the sudden increase in speed, but will make the new car does not meet, so to gradually increase the run-in period of the highest speed. Automatic transmission of the car, because it can not manually shift to determine the run with the specified file, it can only be achieved through the driving speed.
In short, run to even speed drive, 30km / h, 60km / h, 80km / h, 100km / h, this level must be stable running.
3. Body can not load too heavy driving. The new car running when the body the lighter the better, because the load is too heavy on the car will be damaged.